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Policies and Procedures: Pharmacy Services for Nursing Facilities - Sixth Edition with USB Flash Drive


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The Policies and Procedures: Pharmacy Services for Nursing Facilities provides comprehensive, up-to-date guidance on all medication-related services a pharmacy would provide to long-term care facilities.

This manual provides an ideal tool for:

  • Detailing medication management services - ordering, delivery, storage, monitoring and more
  • Marketing your pharmacy’s services to prospective LTC facilities
  • Training facility staff on proper medication preparation, administration and storage
    • Serves as a standard for medication management services including monitoring guidelines
    • Addresses an extensive variety of medication-related topics that include:
      • Automated Dispensing
      • EPA Pharmaceutical Waste Storage and Disposal
      • Med Technicians
      • Short Cycle issues
      • Drug Take Back Procedures
      • Insulin Pens
    • Also includes:
      • Appendices containing reference resources, CQI examples and sample documentation
      • USB Flash Drive includes policies and procedures in Microsoft® Word for easy customization
      • Updated Pharmacy Services and Consultant Pharmacist model contracts
      • Sample documentation
    Additional Info
    Published Revised December 2019
    Format 3-ring binder with USB Flash Drive
    Unit Each