Nursing Services Policy and Procedure Manual The Nursing Services Policy and Procedure Manual for Long-Term Care is a thorough two-volume manual that offers an organized and effective nursing care framework. While this manual may not address every issue in your facility, it does provide a solid foundation for your clinical care team from admission to discharge.

The Nursing Services Policy and Procedure Manual update features an overhaul to the Diabetes Care section, including:

  • New Management of Hypoglycemia - Procedure
  • New Older Adults: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes - Guideline
  • Revised Diabetes – Clinical Protocol
  • Revised Nursing Care of the Older Adult with Diabetes Mellitus - Procedure

In an effort to help your facility remain compliant to evolving concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic, the earlier update in 2020 covered revised PPE considerations and COVID-19 policies and procedures.

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