In June CMS released advanced Phase 3 guidance that is proposed to go into effect October 24th.  These changes will affect Infection Prevention Guidelines, Mental Health/ Substance Use Disorders, PBJ & Staffing requirements , Psychotropic Medications, and so much more.  Additionally further final guidance has been issued regarding COVID-19 Including visitation, testing and PPE requirements. 

MED-PASS is working to provide updates as soon as the deadline hits.  Whether you need to purchase newly updated policies and procedures or are a current subscriber, MED-PASS has you covered!


If your current policies are out of date and you are looking to purchase the most up-to-date manuals to keep you covered, check out the Infection Control Policy and Procedure Manual, Nursing Services Policy and Procedure Manual or Operational Policy and Procedure Manual for Long-Term Care.

All of these manuals come with an easy-to-use flash drive as well as a year of updates that will help keep you covered into 2023.

Purchase online or contact a Long-Term Care Salesperson at 800-230-8687 (Option 1) 

If you are currently subscribed to a MED-PASS policy or procedure manual, look for the updates to be coming your way as Phase 3 rolls out!