MED-PASS offers a wide variety of at-a-glance reference cards that can help your staff save time in sorting through information.  These reference cards cover many aspects of medication information as well as quick procedural reminders.  All of our reference cards are also available digitally, download them to your computer or tablet to make them even more accessible!

A96990RCK – Medication Classes for

Blood Pressure Management

This reference card provides an at-a-glance listing of medication classes for medications commonly taken to manage blood pressure, and the medications and supplements that can increase blood pressure.

Side one includes Drug Description, Drug Classification and Common Generic Names. Also included are JNC8 Guidelines for Blood Pressure Goals

Side two lists Drug Class, Medication Examples and additional Comments for medications and supplements that are commonly associated with increased blood pressure.

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A96985RCK – Opioid Stewardship Reference Card

This reference card provides crucial at-a-glance reference information to nurses regarding the new MDS 3.0 Section N item pertaining to Opioids. It includes the following:

MDS reference information and Coding Tips from the RAI User Manual

Generic and Brand names for more than 60 opioid medications along with Dosing Guidelines

Side Two includes reference information on F697: Guidance to Surveyors on Pain Management in Nursing Facilities


To view the downloadable version, click here.

A97143RCK – Administration of Eye, Ear

and Nose Medications

This reference card provides clinical staff with detailed procedures and equipment required for the proper administration of:

Eye drops

Eye ointments

Ear drops

Nasal medications


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MP5950 – Medications Not To Be Crushed

Help prevent medication errors with this important clinical reference card. This card lists over 400 medications most commonly used in geriatric care settings that should not be crushed.

This card is a must have inclusion in every medication record chart book and on every medication cart.


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