Both the LTC RAI MDS and the Comprehensive LTC RAI User's Manual have been updated.  Be sure to check out the most recent updates to keep your MDS Coordinator ahead of the curve.  Both manuals include a flashdrive to ensure easy access to your content.

LTC RAI MDS User’s Manual v1.17.1 w/ USB Flash Drive

Keep pace with frequent MDS 3.0 changes, corrections and clarifications. This manual relieves the demand on your staff’s time and attention tracking MDS 3.0 changes by including a year of free updates that are more than just a link to the CMS website

To view the most recent updates click here.

Comprehensive LTC RAI User’s Manual v1.17.1 w/ USB Flash Drive

If MDS coordinators had the time to write their own manual, this would be it!

Arm your MDS Coordinator with knowledge by providing the Heaton Resources Comprehensive LTC RAI MDS 3.0 User's Manual. We've added hundreds of cross-references throughout the 3-ring binder, plus a USB Flash Drive containing a PDF of the entire manual. This comprehensive, search friendly USB Flash Drive is ideal for anyone involved in the MDS process.

To view the most recent updates click here.