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MED-PASS:  Designing Solutions for Senior Care


Invest today, be prepared later! 



Our comprehensive Nonsterile and Sterile Compounding Pharmacy SOPs are written to the proposed USP standards <795>, <797>, and <800>, and ready to be customized for your pharmacy! Your purchase comes with a guaranteed review and update upon the finalization of USP standards! 


Resources from Optum and PMIC

ICD-10 for 2023


MED-PASS is a proud reseller of Optum and PMIC resources for ICD-10 coding. These products are coming soon - speak to a Sales Representative for preorder options and introductory pricing! 



Are you prepared to comply with F895?



At MED-PASS, we are always looking for new, cost effective ways to deliver content to you. To that end, we have created a digital starter pack containing all of the policies related to Compliance and Ethics, combined with must-have additional documentation.