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MED-PASS's line of Heaton Resources







Address the specific needs of your business and enjoy special discount savings by building your own Library of Heaton Resources Policy and Procedure Manuals and Regulatory Guides written and designed specifically for long-term care.

What is a library?

The purchase of a minimum of seven different manuals qualifies as a library. 

To see all the manuals eligible for a library, scroll down to How is a library assembled? and select "Click to complete a simple three step process and submit your request".

What are the Benefits of Library?

Purchasing Individual Manuals vs a Library

Some facilities prefer to add individual manuals as needed to fill-out their existing body of policies and procedures. Other providers value the inter-related and complementary aspect of the Heaton Resources Manuals and find that purchasing a library provides a comprehensive solution that ensures continuity across departments and facility disciplines.

Save Money with a Library

Another benefit of purchasing a library is the significant price discount offered.
For example:
To separately purchase each of the manuals typically included in a library, the total price would be $1962.00. The same manuals purchased as a library cost only $1814.85 - a savings of 7.5%. Additional discounts are available for providers with multiple locations.

Free Updates for One Year

Heaton Resources Manuals eliminate the need for your staff to interpret and write policies and procedures in response to regulatory changes.  The Heaton Resources staff is dedicated to monitoring for changes in government regulations and best practice standards and creating updates that ensure your manuals are current and support your compliance efforts. Free updates to the manuals are provided for one year and may be extended by renewing the library update service.

How is a library assembled?

Our Heaton staff will be glad to work with you to understand your specific needs, identify the manuals best suited to meet them and prepare a price proposal. It’s easy and there is no charge.

For assistance and to learn more:

  • Call 800-438-8884 and ask to speak with a Heaton Resources Coordinator.