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MED-PASS:  Designing Solutions for Senior Care


New 2019 ICD-10 Resources are available!

Home Health ICD-10


To learn about the latest ICD-10-CM resources offered by MED-PASS, click here.


Emergency Preparedness Resources



The Emergency Preparedness Planning and Resource Manual for Home Health includes emergency procedures and job tasks that are detailed for a variety of emergencies and disasters. Click here to learn more about the manual, view the Table of Contents and more.

The Individual Patient Emergency Preparedness Plan prompts the assessor to document important, relevant data as mandated in Standard 484.102 of the Conditions of Participation: Emergency Preparedness. Click here to learn more!


Patient Information Handbooks for Home Health and Hospice

Patient Information Handbooks



With an increased focus on patient-centered care, it's imperative that your patients read and understand their rights and responsibilities. The MED-PASS Patient Information Handbook provides all the required content, but in a simplified manner. The over-sized font and use of graphics add to the readability of the document.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us via e-mail or call MED-PASS customer service at 800-438-8884 during normal business hours (M-F, 8a-6:30p, EST).