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OASIS-E Materials Available for the New Year!

The new changes to OASIS will go into effect January 1st.  MED-PASS has OASIS-E resources available now to help your facility enter the new year completely prepared. From the Item-by-Item Guidance Manual to various worksheets, MED-PASS has you covered. 

Learn more about these products below.

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UPDATED: Vaccination Mandate Resources

To keep in line with CMS Guidelines, MED-PASS has updated its Vaccination of Staff policy and corresponding paperwork. CMS revisions include reviews of noncompliance levels, guidance to surveyors, and an appraisal of hospitalization statistics in regards to the continuing severity of COVID-19.

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UPDATED: Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit

After an annual review, our Toolkit has been updated to keep in line with the most recent changes to guidelines on antimicrobial use. This round of updates has also included revisions to many areas of the current toolkit. Check out all of the new and revised content here!

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UPDATED: Nursing Services Policy and Procedure Manual

Updated in October of 2022, this manual has received updates in Resident Rights, Infection Control, Infections and Care Planning and many other areas.  Are your policies and procedures up to date with Phase 3 guidance?

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Get Up and Running with Home Health Starter Kits

Our Home Health Agency Starter Kit includes basic documentation and easy-to-use reference tools.  The starter kit offers smaller quantity "start-up" supplies of forms (25 vs.50 for OASIS, 25 vs. 100 for support forms) ideal for documenting the 10 patients required for Medicare certification.

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Are Your Policies and Procedures Ready for Phase 3?

In June CMS released advanced Phase 3 guidance that is proposed to go into effect October 24th.  MED-PASS is working to provide updates as soon as the deadline hits.  Whether you need to purchase newly updated policies and procedures or are a current subscriber, MED-PASS has you covered!

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Save Time and Stay Informed with Reference Cards

MED-PASS offers a wide variety of at-a-glance reference cards that can help your staff save time in sorting through information.  These reference cards cover many aspects of medication information as well as quick procedural reminders.  All of our reference cards are also available digitally, download them to your computer or tablet to make them even more accessible!

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8/31/2022 11:42 AM

Both the LTC RAI MDS and the Comprehensive LTC RAI User's Manual have been updated.  Be sure to check out the most recent updates to keep your MDS Coordinator ahead of the curve.  Both manuals include a flashdrive to ensure easy access to your content.

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All of Your Assisted Living Needs, All in One Place

MED-PASS carries a wide variety of Assisted-Living-specific forms to cover all of your documentation needs.  Along with these, the majority of MED-PASS's Long Term Care Documents are useable in an assisted living setting.

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UPDATED: Policies & Procedures Manual for Hospice

This manual has been designed and written to provide a comprehensive operational template for new and existing hospice agencies. The policies and procedures in this manual are based on Medicare Hospice CoPs (Conditions of Participation) and The Joint Commission, Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) standards.

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