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Save Time and Stay Informed with Reference Cards

MED-PASS offers a wide variety of at-a-glance reference cards that can help your staff save time in sorting through information.  These reference cards cover many aspects of medication information as well as quick procedural reminders.  All of our reference cards are also available digitally, download them to your computer or tablet to make them even more accessible!

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8/31/2022 11:42 AM

Both the LTC RAI MDS and the Comprehensive LTC RAI User's Manual have been updated.  Be sure to check out the most recent updates to keep your MDS Coordinator ahead of the curve.  Both manuals include a flashdrive to ensure easy access to your content.

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All of Your Assisted Living Needs, All in One Place

MED-PASS carries a wide variety of Assisted-Living-specific forms to cover all of your documentation needs.  Along with these, the majority of MED-PASS's Long Term Care Documents are useable in an assisted living setting.

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UPDATED: Policies & Procedures Manual for Hospice

This manual has been designed and written to provide a comprehensive operational template for new and existing hospice agencies. The policies and procedures in this manual are based on Medicare Hospice CoPs (Conditions of Participation) and The Joint Commission, Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) standards.

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Bed-Hold and Return Notification

This will help you establish facility and state policy regarding reserving a resident's bed while outside of the facility. Provide this form upon admission, upon transfer or therapeutic leave, and if any changes are made to the state or facility policies regarding this matter.

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Professional Quality Narcotic Log Books

This hard cover log book was designed for secure, manual recordkeeping of Schedule II Controlled Substances. With the DEA recordkeeping requirements pertaining to inventory management and administration of Schedule II Controlled Substances, this log book helps nursing homes stay in compliance. By using this Individual Narcotic Log Book, all documentation is available in one secure location for auditing purposes.

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UPDATED: Activity Services and Social Services P&P Manuals

Along with revisions in the areas of Administrative Policies, Quality of Life and Resident Rights, these manuals have each received new policies to be added to the existing manuals.

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Make an Impression with Custom Patient Information Handbooks

The Patient Information Handbook allows a home health agency to create a high-quality, professionally-printed and custom-designed Start of Care Admission Packet. This product allows agencies to customize sections of the material to meet state regulations and agency policies/procedures. 

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Improve Quality with INTERACT Tools

INTERACT (INTerventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is a quality improvement program that focuses on changes in resident condition to avoid unnecessary transfers to an acute-care setting. INTERACT combines clinical tools and strategies with educational resources for use in long-term care facilities, assisted living communities and home health agencies

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Shipping Speed Update

Shipping Speed Update

1/5/2022 5:48 PM

All of us at MED-PASS have long prided ourselves on exceptional customer service - including expeditious shipping. Due to the ongoing concerns caused by COVID-19, global staffing shortages, and carrier delays, all shipments will ship same day when placed by 1pm EST. Any orders placed after 1pm EST will ship the next business day.  We appreciate your continued support, and welcome any questions or concerns.

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