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Preparing Nursing Facilities for CMR MTM Services: A Toolkit for Senior Care Pharmacists


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Effective 1-1-2013 Medicare Part D Plan Sponsors are required to offer an annual comprehensive medication review (CMR) for targeted beneficiaries with written summaries in CMS' Standardized Format.  Are your facilities ready?  Are you?


Your current and prospective nursing home clients may be woefully unprepared to incorporate the new MTM (medication therapy management) CMR service into the facility’s existing policies and procedures, and integrate new clinical activities within the multidisciplinary team.   


Major issues to be addressed include:

  • What is the basis of the new CMR requirement?
  • Who will be designing and implementing the CMR service?
  • Who will actually be delivering the CMR service in the facility and to whom?
  • What are the responsibilities of the facility and the health care team?
  • Who is paying for all of this?


Take the lead in helping prepare your facilities and help position yourself as the provider of the new MTM CMR service.  


The resources and tools in this Toolkit provide a flexible step-by-step guide for planning and successful implementation.


Included in the Preparing Nursing Facilities for CMR MTM Services: A Toolkit for Senior Care Pharmacists:

  • Customizable templates for introducing you and the CMR service
  • Customizable templates for inviting care staff including Medical Directors, nursing staff and other QA team members to presentations
  • Three customizable PowerPoint presentations that include narrator’s version with notes and PowerPoint notes version for attendees
  • Customizable MTM Model policy for the facility
  • Handouts that include the CMS Standardized Format Templates for the required MTM CMR patient deliverables and CMS’ FAQ


Accompanying USB Flash Drive contains entire manual in PDF format with letter templates, model policy and PowerPoint presentations also provided in customizable formats.


How to Use this manual – Content/Chapters:

  • Section One: Introduction
  • Section Two: Engaging Your Facilities
  • Section Three: Introducing Your Facilities to Medicare Part D MTM Programs
  • Section Four: Defining Key CMR Service Elements for LTC Patients
  • Section Five: Operationalizing the New MTM CMR Requirements
  • Section Six: Resources and Handouts

Additional Info
Format 3-ring binder with USB Flash Drive
Published Revised 2013

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