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Operational Policy and Procedure Manual for Long-Term Care with USB Flash Drive


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Updated to include the new Advanced Copy for Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual (SOM) providing the Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Interpretive Guidelines and Survey Procedures.

Updated to reflect the 2016 revised Requirements of Participation for long-term care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds and to add a USB Flash Drive.

To see details of the update click here.


The Operational Policy and Procedure Manual for Long-Term Care provides an excellent basis for facility operation. While the manual has been printed for almost 20 years, the content is constantly updated to reflect the many changes facing the long-term care industry.


Long-term care facilities are now caring for residents with multiple, complex conditions. Regulatory oversight has expanded and facilities are accountable for the clinical outcomes of their residents.


With the recent updates to this manual, every policy, procedure and tool has been reviewed. The goals during this process were to:

  • Create a new format for the manual that provided users with more information at their fingertips and was easier to customize to meet the needs of their facilities
  • Integrate evidence-based practice into clinical processes
  • Add new pertinent policies/procedures and eliminate documents that were no longer required
  • The OPPM is updated 2 times each year. Policies and procedures are reviewed, eliminating policies and practices that have changed and introducing revised policies and procedures that are relevant to current regulations and best practice standards.
  • This manual includes one year of free updates. Two times a year, all policies, procedures and clinical protocols are carefully reviewed and updated to reflect current federal regulations, guidelines and best standards of practice. Updates include printed, revised pages and a new USB Flash Drive containing the complete manual. A subscription renewal option is available for only $249.50 a year to ensure you continue to receive valuable updates to the manual.
  • A USB Flash Drive is included that contains:
    • The complete manual as a searchable PDF with bookmarks and hyperlinks that enables locating information quickly
    • All policies and procedures in Microsoft® Word to facilitate customizing that reflects specific facility requirements and practices
Additional Info
Published Revised April 2017
Format 4 volumes in three-ring binders with USB Flash Drive
Unit Each
Intended Users Administration, Director of Nursing and Department Directors

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