Some things seem so simple it’s hard to figure why you would need any help.  Take eye drops for instance, who doesn’t know how to put in eye drops?  I learned recently that the answer to that question is me!  As another expensive drop of eye medication trickled down my cheek, I realized there really is a technique to this that takes more than common sense.


It’s easy to assume everyone knows how to self-administer simple medications like eye drops, ear drops and nasal sprays.  But many people don’t leading to poor medication usage compliance and the poor outcomes that result.  Residing in an independent setting is often contingent on seniors' ability to maintain compliance with their medication regimen.
(related by MED-PASS president and owner)


In collaboration with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, MED-PASS has created some simple, consumer-friendly self-medication tip sheets that are easy to read, easy to follow and easy to understand – see below.


Nevco DVDAdditionally, MED-PASS offers an excellent CE video from NEVCO that will help care staff better understand how to assist residents in assisted living with self-administration of their medications – learn more.






 A001  Eyedrop Administration Procedure Tip Sheet - 100/pad





 A002  Eye Ointment and Gel Administration Procedure Tip Sheet - 100/pad





 A003  Eardrop Administration Procedure for Adults Tip Sheet - 100/pad





 A004  Nasal Medications Administration Procedure for Adults Tip Sheet - 100/pad





 A005  Inhaled Medication Administration Procedures Tip Sheet - 100/pad