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MED-PASS:  The Fine Art of Document Design


NOW AVAILABLE:  FIT Kits™ Dementia Engagement ProductsFIT Kits logo

A unique collection of items to stimulate persons who are living with dementia through
person-centered engagement. With 10 different themed Kits, there is something to spark the interest and ignite the spirit to emotional connections for people across all stages of dementia and their care partners.

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 Monthly Reference Card Special - 15% off good through September 30, 2014
Dangerous Abbreviations Reference Card


Dangerous Abbreviations Reference Card
This card has been updated to reflect current dangerous abbreviations that may contribute to medication errors. Medication error reports continue to provide evidence that explicit medication orders, those which exclude dangerous abbreviations and are carefully written or transmitted, can reduce medication errors.

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Monthly Video Special - up to 20% off good through September 30, 2014Infection Control in the Long-Term Care Facility

Infection Control in the Long-Term Care Facility
This program by NEVCO discusses why long-term care residents are highly susceptible to infection and also examines common infections that occur in Long-Term Care facilities.

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 NOW AVAILABLE: New MDS Item Sets Version V1.12.0 Effective October 1, 2014
MDS 3.0

CMS has approved the new MDS item sets version V1.12.0 which become effective October 1, 2014. New MED-PASS MDS 3.0 item sets which reflect the new version V1.12.0 are now available for shipping.


To learn more:

Item # CP9100H-C  MDS 3.0 Nursing Home Comprehensive (NC) Item Set V1.12.0

Item # CP9101H-C  Nursing Home PPS (NP) Item Set/Nursing Home Quarterly (NQ) Item Set V1.12.0

Item # CP9104H-C  Nursing Home Discharge (ND) Item Set V1.12.0

Item # CP9105H-C  Nursing Home and Swing Bed Tracking (NT/ST) Item Set V1.12.0

Item # CP9106H-C  Nursing Home and Swing Bed OMRA (NO/SO) Item Set V1.12.0


Production of new MED-PASS MDS 3.0 RAI User Manuals that reflect the version changes will be completed promptly upon approval by CMS of the revised manual.


NOW AVAILABLE: New 3rd Edition - Med Admin Pocket Guide for Assisted Living and Nursing Home Med Technicians 

Med Admin Pocket Guide for AL and Nursing Home Med Techs


Extensively reviewed with updates to reference Do Not Use Abbreviations, Medication Side Effects and Interactions, Dos and Don'ts for Medication Assistance and more.

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 NEWLY UPDATED - Medications Not To Be Crushed Reference Card
Medications Not To Be Crushed Reference Card


Updated with the addition of 10 new medications including brand and generic names plus dosage forms and do not crush reason codes.
This card lists over 400 medications most commonly used in geriatric care settings that should not be crushed, split or opened and poured.

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If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us via e-mail or call MED-PASS customer service at 800-438-8884 during normal business hours (M-F, 8a-7p, EST).