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Emergency Care in the Home/Risk Management - NEVCO DVD


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If an emergency should occur with one of your home health patients, could your home health aide handle it? Responding to emergencies in the home is a necessary part of any home health aides job.



  • Define an emergency.
  • Identify three (3) types of emergencies and strategies to handle each type.
  • State two (2) key principles to remember about emergencies.
  • List appropriate locations for taking CPR classes.
  • Recognize the preliminary measure to help a person with breathing difficulties.
  • Discuss the rationale for preparing for an emergency situation.
  • Prepare a basic emergency plan for a family in a home.
  • Contrast three (3) types of burns and first aid for each type.
  • Identify potential injuries of elderly persons after a fall.
  • Recognize measures to prevent falls.
  • Identify first aid for a person experiencing a seizure or having a stroke.
  • Define risk management.
  • Differentiate the concepts of risk avoidance and loss reduction.
  • State two (2) steps to protect yourself when changing a part of the care plan.
  • Describe the proper method to correct an error in documentation.
  • Identify the importance of recognizing changes in patient conditions.
  • List four (4) routine duties that a home health aide can perform within the law.
  • List four (4) procedures that a home health should not perform according to the law.
  • Describe reporting of incidents.
  • Identify steps to take to avoid accusations of theft while in the home.
  • State your responsibility regarding patient abuse.
  • Recognize three (3) appropriate techniques to deal with sexual harassment by a patient.

40 minutes running time. 2 hours CE credit available - see below for details.


About the Continuing Education


  • Access to an online workbook is provided which can be downloaded.
  • There is no limit to the number of workbooks that can be downloaded or number of learners that can apply for CE. The programs are intended to train large numbers of learners.
  • There is a CE fee of $15.00 per certificate paid to NEVCO.
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Published Revised 2007
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