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MED-PASS:  The Fine Art of Document Design

Please be advised that shipping may be delayed due to winter storms and the presidential inauguration in the Northwest, Midwest, Northeast and Washington D.C. areas.

MED-PASS can customize any type of form

Single sheets, multi-part forms, software compatible laser or continuous feed computer forms, MED-PASS can customize any form to meet your special documentation needs, promptly, simply and affordably.
Whether you are changing an existing form, or creating a new form from scratch, our staff is skilled at interpreting your requests. We can transform your idea from a simple description or drawing to a professionally designed and printed form.

Have it your way

MED-PASS can customize to meet your exact specifications:

  • special punching Custom Forms

  • different paper weights or colors

  • special ink colors

  • add a logo, business name or address and phone number

  • change wording or titles
With just a phone call or fax, our knowledgeable representatives will provide a timely response that includes prices, how long it will take to produce and advise any time or cost saving alternatives.

MED-PASS makes customizing easy

To assure the new form meets your complete expectation, a MED-PASS representative is assigned to guide you through a simple process:

  • Your changes or new design will be reviewed and any questions/suggestions will be clarified and confirmed
  • Specifications like paper, ink, punching and packaging will be discussed to assure the form will meet your particular usage needs
  • A proof will be provided for review by you and the MED-PASS representative prior to printing
  • A shipping schedule that meets your expectation will be confirmed
From start to finish, MED-PASS makes customizing a form easy, timely and affordable. To learn more, just call 800-438-8884 or contact us via email.