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MED-PASS offers an educational decision guide for families regarding hospitialization

Helping long-term care residents and their families understand the risks...

Posted in Long-Term Care By MED-PASS Team
It was great seeing you at the 2015 ASCP Meeting in Las Vegas!

Thanks for stopping by our booth, it is always great to get useful feedback...

Posted in Pharmacy By MED-PASS Team
CMS posts updated MDS RAI User Manual 9/15/15

RAI Manual v1.13 is available in the Downloads section...

Posted in Long-Term Care By MED-PASS Team
CMS Approves Final Version of HIS Manual

CMS has released the final version of the HIS Manual, Version 1.01. In response to the release of the final version, MED-PASS now has...

Posted in Hospice By MED-PASS Team
Changes Coming to Heaton Resources Product Line

MED-PASS/Heaton Resources is in the process of updating and converting all of our policy and procedure manuals to a new, more user-friendly format...

Posted in Heaton Resources By MED-PASS Team
New INTERACT Tools for Assisted Living Now Available

A new line of INTERACT tools tailored to assisted living is now available...

Posted in Assisted Living By MED-PASS Team
Updated  Medication Management Documentation Tools

Updated to reflect the June 7, 2013 CMS S&C memorandum regarding medication pass observation protocol for long term care facilities.…

Posted in Product Spotlight By MED-PASS Team
Software Compatible Med Record/Form Email Updates

MED-PASS is continually adding software compatible medical records and forms created in response to the release of new programs and program options.

Posted in Pharmacy By MED-PASS Team
Medication Self-Administration Not as Simple As It Seems

Some things seem so simple it’s hard to figure why you would need any help.  Take eye drops for …

Posted in Assisted Living By MED-PASS Team
The Costs of a Home Care/Home Health Agency Start-Up

When it comes to starting a home care/home health agency, of all the preparations needed, “only 10%..."

Posted in Home Health By MED-PASS Team